What is CHRP Designation


A nationally recognized designation, portable from one province to another – positioning those who attain it at the leading edge of the HR profession in Canada

The Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation is a nationally recognized level of achievement within the field of human resources. The designation represents a commitment to a national standard of excellence, sets a benchmark for the practice of effective human resources, and emphasizes the strategic role of human resource management in business.

The CHRP designation was developed in Canada. Our designation model is respected internationally and is recognized and used in the creation of other national HR designations throughout the world.

By achieving the CHRP designation, HR professionals indicate they have a thorough understanding of the profession's body of knowledge in Canada, which is encompassed in the eight Required Professional Capabilities (RPCs). The RPCs are based on the core capabilities of the HR profession and HR policies and practices used in Canada.

To attain the CHRP designation, HR professionals must meet their provincial CHRP designation granting HR association's requirements, hold a degree, pass CCHRA's national exam – the National Knowledge Exam, meet the experience criterion, and sign the profession's National Code of Ethics. To maintain the designation, HR professionals must recertify every three years and adhere to the Code of Ethics. The CHRP designation has been in existence in Canada since the early 1990s. Before the national exams and RPCs were developed, individual HR assocations were responsible for determining the requirements necessary for earning the designation.

It was not long after most provinces had set up their own CHRP designation certification programs, however, that HR professionals recognized the need for national standards of assessment, a more national profile and portability of the CHRP designation from one province to another.

In March 2003, CCHRA followed the route taken by national HR professional associations in the UK, USA, Australia and South America. It implemented a national CHRP designation and agreed that the Required Professional Capabilities (RPCs) and national exams and standards related to recertification and the National Code of Ethics would be maintained by CCHRA.

Currently more than 7621 HR practitioners from across Canada have earned their designation.